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The demands of the students

Le 13 April 2015, 09:30 dans Humeurs 0

students are in full payment, some stages payment, the total amount of about 100 million. But how many of which involve fake driver's license, is currently still under investigation.Mr Kennedy introduced the couple responsible for the recruitment Jeong Kay Driving a point just points, two shareholders and not the person in charge of Driving, Jeong just a coach. "The money they received never turned over to the head office, we do not know how many students they recruit, and received much money. Student data has not turned over the driving school. So, we do not know what the participants trained, exam too, but do not Jeong know a couple counterfeiting driver's license. "The demands of the students is a refund or continue to learn. Student Zhou said, "We paid the money, but there has been no training, examination, and Jeong couple deceive us. We first ask for a refund and compensation for certain losses." Mr. Z   nike free run 3 womens  hou's attitude on behalf of the idea of ​​the majority of the trainees.Also requires students to continue to learn, "since Jeong couple Driving under the banner name of Kay enrollment, Kay Tong had not shirk responsibility. We have to pay tuition fees, the purpose of the training, examination, get a driver's license. I hope Kay Corporation through training and examination as soon as we can arrange.

"[Processing Progress]Kay Driving:Would like a refund, you can continue trainingDriving Shareholder Representative Kay Agam statement said, the company will bear the loss of students, "We are now with the assistance of the public security department, the number of students and tuition to verify if there are students request a refund, we will refund. If you have student I hope to continue to learn, we will arrange for them to continue to learn. "And Kay also said the company's other two shareholders, in proportion to the shares will allocate the money to the students refund.Currently, the three shareholders have come up 120,000 yuan into the escrow account Huiyang public security task force, by Kay Driving on the identity of the participants, one by one after verification of tuition, students need a refund given a refund.[Sector response]Huiyang police:Jeong has XingJu pregnant wife bailJeong couple for more than 100 students to receive large sums of money after the loss of more than 100 million associated with the event, Huiyang District Public Security Bureau has set up a task force to investigate the matter, sainike lunarglide 4 saled that at present, Jeong, Sumou couple suspected of fraud, has been Jingfangxingju But three months of pregnancy because of Sumou currently at the stage of bail. So, the couple collected large sums of money gone Jeong children  Whether the alleged counterfeiters making fake driver's license  In this regard, the panel said the details are still under

investigation.However, Kay Driving a shareholder revealed that "We heard Jeong couple liked to gamble, go to Macau for gambling is said to lose money over. Later, to muddle through, adventure manufacturing fake driver's license."Huiyang Department of Transportation:Training data is not difficult to monitor handedFor this event, regulatory loopholes exposed, Huiyang District Department of Transportation official response, "according to regulations, driving school heads should hand over information on each student Department of Transportation, Department of Transportation and then register online by check, monitor whether students have participated in training. For example, students should attend 10 training, training is only five, but to get a driver's lice nike free tr fit womensnse. is our supervision. But now the situation is that someone driving school instructor trainees will be no information available to us, so we can not supervision. "But the official said, "This is also our job to give a reminder. We must be accountable to the driving school official stressed that after the student enrollment, all information must be turned over to the Department of Transportation verification."[Ask]Driving instructor affiliated how regulatory loopholes block Jeong couple suspected fraud by student enrollment tuition huge event

to investigate the matter

Le 13 April 2015, 09:27 dans Humeurs 0

 driving, traffic police check the car, but found it held a driver's license is false, then throws Kay driving coaches Jeong, Sumou Couple charged more than 100 students more than 100 million tuition, but students have never participated in a formal examination. To muddle through, Jeong couple actually making fake driver's license issued to students and eventually became public. Currently, Huiyang Public Security has set up a task force to investigate the matter, and Jeong couple has been arrested for fraud XingJu. Kay Driving shareholders expressed their willingness to compensate the loss of students, but also continue to provide training arrangements for exams. It nike air max thea womens  is reported that Jeong is anchored coach Kay, after open enrollment point, never turned over any student training materials, Huiyang District Department of Transportation, said the situation is difficult to control.Holding a new driver's license on the road turned out to be falseHuiyang Huiyang Kay Driving is a larger driver training institutions, the legal representative of the company data show Chung. According to the driving school a shareholder, said the company actually has three shareholders, in addition to Mr. Chung, as well as Mr Kennedy and Mr. Wong. According to Mr Kennedy said, Jeong and Sumou are a couple of

30-year-old Jeong is driving coaches Kay, in 2012 the couple in Huiyang freshwater People's four street opened a driving school enrollment training point, Kay Tondo Registration Admissions teaching one point.According to statistics, three years, more than 100 students enrolled Jeong couple, and many people have got the "driver's license." But early April of this year, due to the city to carry out a thorough investigation of drunk driving, drunk driving, driving violations actions Kay Driving just got a "license" students were told by police when fresh inventory, his driver's license was fake.Soon more than 100 students gathered to someone Kay Driving entry point, but they found the entry point has been closed, Jeong, Sumou couple lost contact, discovered have been waiting for the training, examination turned out to be a hoax.Participants had never participated in the training exam coach called "internal relations" nike roshe run saleDriver's license was found to be false, Mr. Zhang student goes south are reporters to produce false, "You see, there is a seal on top of the public security department, making the skin and true driver's license, as well as document number, I did not see out. "However, Mr. Zhang said," In fact, we also doubted before, because we have never received formal driver training, but also did not participate in

 the exam. I did not even written participated, but the coach said it was to help me test passed , scored 92 points. I think driving school has a relationship, so I did not pursue any further. "Ms Fung is a student in 2012 in the name of eight monthly, also did not participate in the training, "shortly after paying the tuition fees, the coach took us to the Vehicle Administration. We waited written on the outside, such as a few hours, the coach suddenly out Tell us information not paid in full, canceled. We went back. But after a few days, the coach told us written over. "Ms Fung was presented Jeong mass text message: "Please rest assured that we have the nike roshe run mens  internal relations, to help you get the results have been." Get written "into thePerformance "after Ms Fung, who also did not receive notice Lianju," We asked the coach, he always drags. "How many are still involved in the investigation of the fake driver's licenseSince April 4, Kay Driving over 100 students has been to Huiyang District Complaints Bureau petition. Kay Corporation shareholders Agam Driving to the scene to negotiate with the students. Mr Kennedy said that according to statistics, Jeong, Sumou couples enrolled more than 100 students, from students to produce payment receipts show each student's tuition is more than 5000 yuan, some

cation of the specific reasons

Le 13 April 2015, 09:27 dans Humeurs 0

fault, Otis manager surnamed Zhang explained that the elevator buttons appear full failure, repeated failure to open the door up and down and not many incentives, kids bounce in the elevator may be one cause of 10 floors. "The hotel provide surveillance video blurred, currently pending identification of the specific reasons."For economic compensation, Zhang elevator company manager said tourists are not directly face customers, including residential quarters, including elevator company will not have to compensate the residents, the object is to lift as the first company to compensate the hotel was responsible.Currently the hotel has been and tourists to reach a compensationnike air max thea mens  agreement, compensation for accommodation and packages of money, but visitors to lift the company's hard-line attitude expressed dissatisfaction.[Argument]Technology teacher: child bouncing cause malfunction  Argument untenableChildren bouncing back and forth more than apt to cause trouble down the elevator it  In this regard, in the 10 years of elevator technology designed Grandfather Mongolian workers believe that this argument untenable. "Although the reasons caused the elevator is more than a lot of back and forth, but it can never be triggered kids bouncing, bouncing an elevator are unable to withstand even a child, so security is

not pass the test, it is impossible to verify by the authorities." Mongolian workers also said the elevator control system has, simply open the control panel fails to find the fault code from within, we can detect the fault, the corresponding code, this pragmatic approach can identify the most direct cause of the malfunctionnike free tr fit mens. By the end of "Preparing Labor and Defense," the motion. In response to the motion, the Chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party Vladimir Zhirinovsky and his party members to participate in the 9th joint test. Unfortunately, the 69-year-old failed by Zhirinovsky, but he said that he was not sad, "is mainly to give you an example." He said: "Our party members are very fond of sports, no drunkard or a smoker." 71-year-old Russian Communist Party Chairman Gennady Zyuganov said his test results will be better than Zhirinovsky.Putin will not take the test  Russian presidential spokesman Peskov said that "not necessary" because Putin movement almost every day, he's sporting a level far higher than the standard. As we all know, Putin is the name of the athlete, good at judo, combat, riding and shooting, diving, gymnastics, skiing, swimming and other projects.Russian "Komsomolskaya Pravda" reported on the 11th, "Preparing labor and defense" sports a standard test for children down to 6-8 years of

 age, for up to 70 years of age or older, including test strength, speed, endurance, flexibility and coordination, and various other subjects. "Preparing for Labor and Defense" is actually training standards proposed by the Soviet Union in 1931, the implementation of the Soviet Union until 1991. The Under Putin's initiative, but also restored the implementation of the national sports standard tests across Russia. The Russian government has decided to allocate 120 million (about 0.1 yuan a ruble) rubles promotion of the test. Starting this year, the test results will be used as reference for middle school studies. January next year, all educational institutions in the country and somenike lunarglide 4 online   residents' groups will be introduced into the test. Russian Sports Minister Putin suggested that the number of people through this test as a standard assessment of the performance of local officials. Members also have to pass the test should be a prerequisite for the country to become civil servants.According to Russian news agency reported on the 12th, Putin in the US "Time" magazine readers named the "World's Most Influential People" list in the first place, to get 6.9 percent of the vote. Earlier this month, Huiyang Kay Driving just got a driver's license because of alleged breach of the participants in freshwater

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